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  • Shelly Fagan

    Shelly Fagan

    Complicated subjects made accessible. Politics, Basic Income, Philosophy. I follow back.

  • Raymond E πŸ—»

    Raymond E πŸ—»

    Global Public Health; Scientific/Medical Writer; Author; Wellness; Marvel

  • Anna Maya

    Anna Maya

    Writer, relationship, movie lover, friends fun

  • dog


    from dog, with love

  • Edina Abena Jackson

    Edina Abena Jackson

    Entrepreneurship +Lifestyle Writer Founder Pink Intrigue + Freshlight Media. I give away my earnings to change lives in Ghana

  • Sally Cheung

    Sally Cheung

    I’m a woke non-bald, slightly anxious Zen Buddhist caring for a curmudgeon Zen Master and an Asian foodie Zen Mum. Blogger. Podcaster. www.sallyinthezen.com.

  • Andrei Traikovski

    Andrei Traikovski

    Marketing. Art. Hedonism. Connect with me on Instagram.

  • Susan Christiana

    Susan Christiana

    I read and clap voraciously. I appreciate you being here .

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