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Let’s play with contradictions and paradox

Computers were a novelty at my school and more for show than for students to use. So it wasn’t until the Internet came along and I brought my first computer that the heart of a techie woke from its slumber. I taught myself to code and within a year I was a programmer working contracts in various corporates.

Life’s too big to stick to one passion so I trained as an NLP-psychotherapist too and worked in practice for several years helping people with stress, personal development and deep-rooted trauma.

Then I got into operations and marketing, helping grow three start-ups from zero to multi-million dollar companies.

Then I got into art and discovered a love of portraiture. It’s my new baby and I’m still showing it off — take a look: https://barnabystudio.com and give me a shout if you’d like a portrait :-)

I’ve always been into writing — the one constant. Writing for pleasure and profit. I discovered Medium in 2019 and started writing for the big publications initially, but these days, I mostly write in my own publications:

  • Wednesday Genius: An offshoot of my business website, this is about marketing, business operations, writing and ways to get out of the entrepreneurship echo-chamber
  • Barnaby Studio: Featuring stories behind my own art, this is for art lovers and people who have an artist’s heart. Affiliate links abound as I share my favourite tools and resources.
  • Paradox of Reality: Relationships, phantoms, truth & lies. I think my soul lives here.

Behind the scenes, I’m working on a book of short stories. Supernatural, mystery and suspense. One day, I might even finish it.

Thank you for reading — if you like my writing, please follow me for more.

Some more ways to connect

Fave Socials: LinkedIn | Instagram Art

Writing Website: https://wednesdaygenius.com

Art website: https://barnabystudio.com

Email: hello@wednesdaygenius.com




Writer & Artist 🍒 hellojessbee@gmail.com

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Jessica Barnaby

Jessica Barnaby

Writer & Artist 🍒 hellojessbee@gmail.com

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